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what girlfriend should do ?

assalamualaikum . .

what a girlfriend should do if she really-really hurts her boyfriend`s heart ? 

what should i  do ? 

apologise ? 

bernanah suda kali telinga diaa dengar aku minta maaf but still do the same thing over and over again . 
i didnt meant it . tapi all what he`s heard is that . he doesnt listen carefully what  i need to say :'( 

im sorry . im really sorry for said to you like that . 
im sorry . 

i just dont want to lose you . but you willing to die for me . I DONT WANT THAT !!! who wants that ?? 

if you die , its mean you leave me here in this world unhappy . its doesnt mean you loves me . 

a man doesnt leaves his women alone unhappy . 

a man doesnt need to die to prove that he loves his women so much but instead he trying to makes his women the happiest women in this world not leave her alone . 

thats should be a man . a wise man . 

i love you so much . 

thank you for your kindess and loving me no matter what . but im not good enough for you . im sorry . 
i couldnt be who you wanted me to be . 

heyy , i miss you . 

yeahh , aku x layak cakap macam tu . tapi wth right . its my blog . i write what i wanted to say :)

im such a bad girlfriend to you . 

just now , i stalk ur ex`s brother albums . i wanted to see ur ex`s pictures . she so pretty . and i dont know whyy , i kept thinking that you still love her . 

yeahhh . u told mee how she was when she with you . i think , im like her . hurts you a lot but still you love me . i know you hate me saying like that . im sorry . 

she is a beautiful girl hadi :") and its true . 

im sorry for not good enough for you . 

im sorry . 

i be like this maybe because you gonna be far away from me . 
im scared to lose you . 
im scared to be left alone .
im scared what gonna be happen . 
im scared .